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Extract Data from BFS STAT-TAB

The Swiss Federal Statistical Office BFS has a lot of valuable open data that is just in the wrong format. The STAT-TAB database allows anyone to download the data in the PX data format. To transform this data into a better format requires a few steps that are explained in this tutorial.


Cuckoo Drive Architecture

I want to abstract the fact, that the Cuckoo Drive is just a composition of many cloud storages. It should work the same way as if you use your local harddrive with a special filesystem on it. This automatically allows many tools and possibilities that already exist (like the great rsync) to interact with the CuckooDrive.


An Opensource Notetaking Concept

I switched over to Opensource software and have failed to find a viable alternative to a notetaking application like Evernote. That’s why I want to create an open source solution for the problems Evernote and its competitors solve.





Import CSV and JSON into PostgreSQL the easy way. This small tool abstract all the hassles and swearing you normally have to deal with when you just want to dump some data into the database.



The OSM2VectorTiles project is my study project and bachelor thesis. It makes is possible to create vector tiles from OpenStreetMap data. Create a custom base map in minutes with our free vector tiles from OpenStreetMap data. This is the easiest way how to switch to OSM thanks to MapBox open-source tools. Design your own map of world or country, serve raster or vector tiles from any virtual server or your own infrastructure, even offline behind a firewall.



A very accessible PostGIS query editor and visualizer. Getting started with PostGIS is harder than it should be. We spent much time in psql and wished to visualize our queries quickly without big complicated tools.



A free Mapbox GL basemap from OpenStreetMap with complete liberty to use and self host. OSM Liberty is a fork of OSM Bright based on free data sources with a mission for a clear good looking design for the everyday user.



Approximate global noise pollution with OSM data and very simple noise model. Using global street, landuse and building data from OpenStreetMap we can approximate where noise pollution might happen. We use a very simple noise model inspired by noise pollution concept of Cities Skylines.



This is a little experiment that shows how far you can go with the C++ 14 auto return type and templates. C++14 has such powerful type deduction that it is possible to transpile Python into C++ without worrying about the missing type annotations in python. Only a small subset of Python is working and you will encounter many bugs. The goal is to showcase the power of C++14 templates and not to create a fully functional transpiler.



Expose a program with a simple call to nigit to the web. The small web server wraps around the program and exposes it as HTTP API. This comes in handy whenever you want to expose a legacy program without writing a web application and doing complicated subprocessing yourself.



hwk tries to demonstrate how a modern Haskell based stream manipulation tool could look like. It is similar to tools like awk or sed. hwk allows compact command sequences that operate on a list of strings. Because Haskell is lazy and has a powerful arsenal of functions, there is no need to invent another DSL and hopefully push people into using functional goodness. hwk also provides a method to store small functions for reuse in environment variables.



In 2011 the Chaos Computer Club revealed a major complexity attack vulnerability that works across all major languages. PHP addressed the vulnerability for forms but never really fixed it. Nowadays every web application uses a JSON API, which is still vulnerable to complexity attacks. This repository showcases some PHP complexity attacks



My thesis for my Federal Vocational Baccalaureate in 2013. Using different algorithms to try solving the Travelling Salesman Problem and visualizing it. orm for finding code reviewers for your project.