Extract Data from BFS STAT-TAB

The Swiss Federal Statistical Office BFS has a lot of valuable open data that is just in the wrong format. The STAT-TAB database allows anyone to download the data in the PX data format. To transform this data into a better format requires a few steps that are explained in this tutorial.


Cuckoo Drive Architecture

I want to abstract the fact, that the Cuckoo Drive is just a composition of many cloud storages. It should work the same way as if you use your local harddrive with a special filesystem on it. This automatically allows many tools and possibilities that already exist (like the great rsync) to interact with the CuckooDrive.


An Opensource Notetaking Concept

I switched over to Opensource software and have failed to find a viable alternative to a notetaking application like Evernote. That’s why I want to create an open source solution for the problems Evernote and its competitors solve.