About me

I'm Lukas Martinelli, a software engineer working on maps and the big data infrastructure to make them happen.

I am very passionate about maps, the web and especially open source. I love trying out new technologies and programming languages and have acquired a large and broad skill set across the entire software stack.


I have a very good general purpose skill set consisting out of Linux, Python, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Node, Linux, Go and Haskell as well as experience in data engineering, PostgreSQL and PostGIS, OpenStreetMap and scaling applications in the cloud.

My expertise lies applying these skills to GIS to create maps and enable geospatial business intelligence - all of this in distributed systems so it can scale with ever growing GIS data.

My projects and past work experience are the best proof of what I work on and am capable of! I still have an older more detailed list with my technical skills


Check out my open source projects.

Work Experience

  • 2017-today

    I am part of the cartography team at Mapbox.

    I work on the infrastructure/rendering pipeline side of our mapping stack helping Mapbox to provide the best-looking and most-usable maps for our customers. I find new ways to cope with ever growing OpenStreetMap data and create open source tools for developers.

  • 2016

    Software Engineer and DevOps for Devicetools. We built a Kubernetes based microservice platform using Golang.

  • 2015-2016

    I worked 40% part time as Software Engineer for Dreipol. I create web applications from back to front with Django, JavaScript and Sass. I also built up a private PaaS and manage the cloud infrastructure with Docker.

  • 2014-2015

    I worked 20% part time as Campus Ambassador for Swisscom Human Resources connecting students with Swisscom as an innovative employer. In addition I worked on cloud products and helped building a social media dashboard with Python integrating Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

  • 2013-2014

    I had the chance to spend my military service in the Swiss Cyber Network Operations division together with highly skilled people. Over the course of four months I was able to work with Python, Go, Big Data and the Cloud to solve security problems.

  • 2009-2013

    I was able to experience four wonderful and educational years as software engineer trainee working at Online Consulting. Due to the high personal responsibility given, I was able to work on many projects and make substantial progress as a developer.

    As web developer, I helped to create custom web applications for customers like Kubo or Glomar and made cost estimations and evaluations for projects.

    As part of a SCRUM team I helped develop parts of the PIM platform Smartsite EPM and created a concept how to create offline web applications for service technicians.

    I was also part of the core team to develop and work with a custom solution for generating automated product catalogs with Adobe Indesign. I still work on a contract basis with Online Consulting to maintain automated print solutions.


  • 2013-2016

    I studied Computer Science at the Hochschule für Technik Rapperswil and finished with an A grade.

  • 2012

    With the help of a great English teacher and friend I was able to pass the CPE (after I've completed the FCE and CAE in previous years). I love English and it is my technical language of choice.

  • 2009-2013

    I completed the technical FVB at GBS extra occupational to my VET diploma with a . My FVB thesis was solving the Travelling Salesman Problem with heuristic methods and creating a Google Maps visualization for it.

  • 2009-2013

    I completed my apprenticeship at Online Consultingwith the VET Diploma in Information Technology (with focus on application development). My diploma thesis was an evaluation and proof-of-concept of a web application that can be used offline and online with the help of HTML5 file storage.